Hi, I'm Jack. 

I help business owners grow, boost their valuation, and get exit ready.

Who I Help

As a business owner, you've put in countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears into building your company. You've made sacrifices and taken risks, and now you might be at a crossroads. 

If you're thinking about selling your business and moving on to the next chapter in your life, the unknown can be scary. 

The uncertainty of what will happen next and the worry that you might not make the right decision.

The feeling that your business has hit a plateau and the challenge of taking it to the next level.

The fear of leaving money on the table. 

The overwhelming amount of preparation that comes with selling a business.

Protecting your legacy and ensuring your employees are taken care of.

The freedom to retire or move onto other ventures without financial concerns.

Selling your business is a one-time event with no second chances. 

To make matters worse, most business owners are navigating the complex process of exiting their business for the first time, often without any guidance or support.

Statistics show that only 20% of listed businesses actually sell.

Those that do sell often go for far less than what they are actually worth, with research showing that 75% of owners regret selling their company within a year of the sale.

My goal is to help you become part of the rare group who succeeds in selling their business at their desired price, terms, and timing.

If you want to:
1. Get the most value out of your business before your exit
2. Transition out of the business on your terms (and profitably!)
3. Achieve post-exit success and transition comfortably into your next chapter 

I can help. 

I can help you overcome the odds and exit your business on your own terms, while maximizing your sales price.


  • My mission with this blog is to bring world-class business education to all business owners, regardless of size.
  • Bringing my hard-earned knowledge and experience as a Fortune 15 executive to small businesses – the core principles of growing, scaling, and exiting businesses apply across the board.
  • I’m committed to honor the legacies of existing business owners by delighting customers, empowering employees, and serving the community, while creating maximum value. I inherently believe that a businesses’ brand, culture, and key employees need to be protected for it to be enduringly sustainable.
  • I believe in preserving and building upon the core of what makes a company special and investing in growth by building upon the foundations that have made the business a success.
  • My goal is to meet your business where it is, protect what makes it unique, and provide a fresh perspective to drive meaningful and substantial growth.
  • I believe in taking a long-term approach and acting with integrity, always seeking a win-win outcome for everyone involved.
  • I believe in reaching the best outcome for you: whether that means marketing your business to a local buyer, planning for an exit that may be years away, or selling assets and dissolving the business.


  • Education: 
  • Kicked off my journey in business at age 9 (mowing lawns) and have loved every minute of it 
  • Graduate of a Fortune 15 executive development program that has produced multiple Fortune 500 CEOs
  • Over the course of my career, I’ve had experience in a diverse range of areas, including M&A, Strategy, Operations, Underwriting and Finance.


You can reach me on LinkedIn or by email (jack@jacktalksbusiness.com)