What’s Your Exit Number?

Will selling your business actually fund your retirement? Many business owners don't give enough thought to planning their exit, and it can really come back to bite them. 

I created the below calculator as a straightforward but powerful tool to help you understand the financial implications of selling your business. By calculating the assets needed from the sale and the minimum required EBITDA or SDE, running these numbers will give you insight into what your business needs to sell for you to meet your post-exit financial goals. 

This process not only helps in setting realistic expectations but can also act as a target as you look to grow the value of your business before a sale. 

Whether you're years away from selling or looking to exit in the near future, taking the time to understand these numbers will be time well spent. 

Business Exit Calculator

Business Exit Calculator

Step 1: Calculate Assets Needed from Sale

Enter the monthly income you aim to have after selling your business.
Estimate the annual return rate (%) on your investments post-exit.
Enter your state's tax rate (%)

Assets Needed from Sale: $0

Step 2: Calculate Minimum Required EBITDA or SDE

Input the exit multiple, a factor for valuing your business based on EBITDA or SDE.

Minimum Required EBITDA or SDE: $0